tpcli (Microsoft Teams presence CLI)

We are excited to announce the release of our new program tpcli!

tpcli is a Rust binary that makes it easy for Microsoft Teams users to set and clear their presence and status message from the command line.


Core features include:

  • Control both your Teams status and message with one simple command.
  • Specify a precise expiration time or duration on your status.
  • Leave the expiration blank, and tpcli will wait for you to clear your status on-demand, by pressing the enter key.
  • Cross platform: runs on macOS, Windows, and Linux.


Here’s is a demo of how tpcli works:

How authentication is handled

tpcli requires users to be logged into their Teams account in either Google Chrome or the Teams desktop app. When run, tpcli grabs auth tokens from cookies stored in the Teams Electron app or Chrome.


For installation instructions, please check out our Github page: Source code and precompiled binaries are offered free of charge.